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hydrosconsult (GIT HydroS Consult GmbH) has the self-conception as partner for water management standing for a sustainable environmental and resources management. Our consulting and services office provides a coprehensive and proficient support for your needs in water management issues as well as regarding the use and protection of surface and groundwater resources.


Our roots can be found in the applied research at the Institute of Hydrology, University Freiburg. It is our ambition and motivation, to bridge the gap between pure science and water industry and to turn innovative know how into practice. This is done by coupling applied hydrology with up-to-date geomatics.


Our closeness to science warrants scientific expertise as well as the implementation of current approaches and new methodologies. Techniques are developed and means optimised. In our work fields we apply proven scientific methodologies and rely on the use of efficient software.


Efficient solutions regarding the customer's needs are the basis of mutual success. Our engagement ist build on long-term customer relationships and the delight at work.


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