Offered Services around Smallworld GIS

We provide a wide range of service around your Smallworld GIS application encompassing

  • data management
    • project implementation and management
    • data migration an conversion
    • data inventory analysis
    • problem analysis and adjustment
    • data capture
  • support service for your GIS application
    • first level support
    • platform upgrade
    • GIS administration
  • application development
    • customer specific adaptation
    • enhancement and customisation
    • system integration
    • development of application modules
    • integration of Smallworld GIS into your software environment
  • consulting
    • optimisation of workflows
    • performance analysis
    • requirement analysis and consultancy service

Moreover we provide specific assistance in the combination of hydrologic expertise and the use of Smallworld GIS for issues as for example the influence of groundwater level on the networks of sewers, gas or drinking water - also accounting for the fluctuation in time and space.

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