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Imageflyer Sustainable water supply influenced by climate change
Risk analysis: Data- and measurement analysis, water balance analysis, water balance modelling, resource management, vulnerability analysis and system optimization
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Our self-conception is to work interdisciplinary and networked to fulfill your requirements in a holistic way. Water management in a sustainable manner as well as the projects undertaken is our concern all the time. We do not only work on standard issues in the fields of hydrology, water management and environment but also appreciate questions that ask for research approaches. Please do not hesitate to ask for our expertise in the fields of:

  • Statistical data analyses, time series analyses
  • Geodata management
  • Individual training for the GIS Smallworld, ARCView and extensions
  • Water balance and catchment models
  • Soil water balance and soil drought/irrigation
  • Groundwater models for flow, material and heat transport, near surface geothermal energy
  • Water supply
  • Conception for measurement, lab analytics, drinking water analysis, isotopes and tracer 
  • Pumping tests, planning, supervision and data analysis
  • Conservation areas and contamination risk evaluation
  • Hydrologic design
  • Droght analysis
  • Groundwater recharge via precipitation / soil percolation or seepage in surface waters
  • Ecosystems modelling
  • Nutrient balances and seepage
  • Alternative cropping systems and their effects on cycle of materials as well as humus balance
Imageflyer Pumping test
Planning, realisation and analysis of pumping tests für water supply wells
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Please ask for a list of references that meets yor requirements.

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