Data acquisition, data capture, analysis in the lab

Despite a wide range of observational networks, the data base sometimes is not adequate or special measuring is required. There are measuring networks operated by water suppliers, municipal or state authorities as well as private investigations regulated by law.

We assist your data needs in hydrological, water and environmental issues with:

  • Data inquiry and support for existing base data
  • Design of monitoring networks and definition of measuring parameters
  • Data capturing in the field and sampling by certified personnel
  • Lab analysis
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Expert's reports
  • Data digitalisation and database connection of measuring devices
  • Database interfaces for generic systems


  • ERGO Karlsruhe - Risk evaluation concerning drinking water threats caused by abandoned hazardous sites in the Upper Rhine valley [2008, in cooperation with IHF]
  • Various expert's reports
  • Feasability of drinking water well sites
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