Hydrology - Modelling of Hydrological Processes and Systems

Water plays a key role for material and energy balance of the earthbalance. Hydrology, in its interdisciplinary approach, helps with the evaluation of many current issues concerning water resources management and environmental questions.

We use standard methods of data processing and evaluation, e.g. statistical data analysis or for regionalisation in geographical information systems as well as individually developed solutions for particular problems.

There are a number of physically based models - to a large extent - which can be used for simulation of hydrological or water cycle-related processes and their interactions. Model selection and parameterisation depend on the problem, the required detail of problem solution as well as the areal and time resolution of available data.

The cooperation with the nearby Institute of Hydrology of the University of Freiburg encourages work with actual hydrological research results, for example, in the area of run-off generation process simulation or mass transport issues. With the backing of our cooperating partners, we can provide services in a wide field of work, e.g. in hydraulic engineering, ecology, agriculture and silviculture from one source.

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