Ecosystem Modelling (Expert-N)

The ecosystem modelling at the reference location allows for the simulation of complex processes. Generally, the evolution of plant growth, water and nutrition balances are dependent on the energy, water and nutrition supply and form some feedback. The model, Expert-N, developed by Priesack et al. at the Helmholtz Centre, in Munich, is capable of simulating the processes involved in a fine time resolution with mainly physically based approaches. It encompasses, for example, crop yields, soil percolation, nitrogen dynamics and nutrition losses. Because of the deterministic concept, it is suitable for controlling, timing, and optimising fertilizer and irrigation and risk analysis in the context of climate change scenarios. It is used also for the whole year description of water, nutrient and carbon balance evolution (nitrogen, humus, carbon dioxide) and can be applied to assess a sustainable and groundwater-compliant farming strategy, for example, for energy plants.
Modelling and scenario simulations give answers to questions concerning plant growth and crop yield according to weather situation and nitrogen fertilizer input, soil water balance and percolation nutrient uptake and dynamic availability, nitrogen dynamics and leaching, humus balance, optimisation of irrigation and fertilisation.


  • Reference - Development of a internet and GIS based Informationsystem for Nmin level and nitrate balance of corn on the basis of reference areas. [2007-2009, in in cooperation with ANNA]
  • Nitrate balance and input potential of water catchment areas [2005-2006]
  • Emissions control [ongoing, in coorpartion with ANNA]
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