hydrosconsult - Geomatics and Hydrology for Water Resources Management

Our consulting and services office provides a coprehensive and proficient support for your needs in water management issues as well as the use and protection of surface and groundwater resources. In cooperation with our partners we offer one-stop services well beyond our core capabilities.


The foci of our work can be assigned to following key fields:

  1. Geomatics and Geo-Information-Systems on the basis of Smallworld GIS
  • Extensions for Smallworld GIS to manage time series data, 3D and DEM data, or image data in the GIS
  • Product development and application modules for the issues of water procurement, quality management, conservation areas and planning of maintenance
  • Tools development to enhance Smallworld GIS standard functionalities, e.g. content filter, dynamic labelling or isolines
  • Data interfaces for import and export of data types, e.g. Shape, DBase or Microsoft ACCESS
  • Support for example concerning data migration and management, customer specific adaptations and application development, enhancement and customisation, requirement analysis and consultancy service
  • Training for Smallworld GIS as well as GIS extensions


2. Applied Hydrology, hydrological systems research and hydro-informatics

  • Water balance modelling for drainage basins, flood water runoff generation, water balance figures, precipitation, evaporation, run-off
  • Runoff generation modelling detailed in area and time / flash floods following heavy rains and quantification of runoff components
  • Modelling of soil water balance and groundwater recharge, drought index
  • Groundwater modelling, flow, material and heat transport, recharge area delineation, temperature fields
  • Ecosystems Modelling, i.e. complex modelling of plant growth, water and nutrient balance in dependence of energy, water and nutrient availability, crop yield, percolation nutrient loss, nitrogen dynamics
  • data acquisition and data management (geodata, time series data) for example in relation with the compilation of expert reports or as a basis for extensive modelling
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